We are proud to offer Lavazza beans in all of our coffee beverages. Besides the usual favorites like americano and cappuccino, we’re offering some uniquely authentic Torino drinks:
Torinese, which is served in a small glass and could be described as a macchiato with cocoa powder;
and Bicerin, which means small glass in dialect, but certainly not in flavor. This typical Torino drink is a mix of Italian hot chocolate, coffee and cream.
Our drip coffee is a light medium roast that will surprise you with its great flavor.

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Our tea of choice is Steve Smith Tea from Portland, OR. Our varieties include Jasmine Silver tip, Brahmin's choice, Lord Bergamot, Big Hibiscus and Peppermint, which we use for our Milan Fog drink, mixed with white chocolate and milk. If you're not a coffee drinker, you'll love this tasty concoction.

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All our sweets are baked in-house by our very talented pastry chef. Our signature cookies made with polenta flour (called Paste di meliga) are the perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of italian hot chocolate or just as a mid afternoon snack. We also use them for our ice-cream sandwiches, either dipped in chocolate or rolled in pistacchio crumbs. Other popular sweets are our hazelnut blondies, our orange-almond cake, our baci di dama and nutella cookies. In our refrigerated case you'll most likely always find our very own Tiramisu, panna cotta with various seasonal toppings, Bônet (pron. boo-net, an amaretto and espresso flan), and other wonderful creations that we rotate every month.

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Our menu includes both meat-filled sandwiches and vegetarian/vegan options. ALL our sandwiches can be made with Gluten free Udi bread, using a dedicated panini grill. The charcuterie we use is all imported from Italy and includes Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto Cotto (Italian cooked ham), Genoa Salame, and pistacchio-studded Mortadella. Our vegetarian option is a caprese sandwich with house-made pesto and our vegan option is our broiled herbed eggplant with s oven-roasted tomatoes. Our salads are made fresh every day and are all Gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan. The only one that is not is our roasted brussels sprouts, made with rendered bacon. Check our menu board for monthly specials, you will find delicious seasonal surprises!

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