A Few Words About Us and our history

At Caffè Torino, we want you to feel the warmth and taste the flavors of this beautiful Northern Italian city. Torino is much more than FIAT, the Holy Shroud and the 2006 Winter Olympics.
The spirit of this region with its complex history and traditions is what we have captured, in our own way, at Caffè Torino. So come on by and get a little taste.

Current events

Arte & Vino at Caffe Torino

In January 2013 we started a new series of Art and Wine here in South Lake Union, featuring pieces from local artists at the cafe for everyone to enjoy while sipping on a glass of their favorite beverage.

For the latest calendar of events, look at the bottom of each page or follow us on Facebook!

Artist of the month - ART SHOW

For the months of June and July, we are proud to present two very talented local photographers: Julie Van Tosh was a customer at the café before we found out how good she was with a camera. Her show “The Jovial Sun” is a collection of concrete-, sea-, sky-, foliage-, and dream-scapes.
Sharing the space with Julie will be Heike Grodecki, presenting “Floral Abstracts – A first study of nature macrophotography”. Beautiful flower close-ups that were part of a calendar put together to help her mother-in-law deal with personal loss. The process of taking these photos helped her refine her views and perspectives.
The official reception will happen on June 19th, bring a friend and enjoy!

Left: "Past Perfect" - Right: "Puget Sound Wild"

If you are interested in displaying your art, send an email to info@caffetorinoseattle.com, send a few samples of your work/portfolio and we'll get back to you.

Learn Italian at Caffe Torino

Want to learn Italian? We're partnering up with Percorso Italiano a local private school run by the amazing Roberta Torgerson and Elisabetta Valentini:
If interested, email info@percorsoitaliano.com or stop by the store to fill out a short survey for the instructors.

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