A Few Words About Us and our history

At Caffè Torino, we want you to feel the warmth and taste the flavors of this beautiful Northern Italian city. Torino is much more than FIAT, the Holy Shroud and the 2006 Winter Olympics.
The spirit of this region with its complex history and traditions is what we have captured, in our own way, at Caffè Torino. So come on by and get a little taste.

Current events

Arte & Vino at Caffe Torino

In January 2013 we started a new series of Art and Wine here in South Lake Union, featuring pieces from local artists at the cafe for everyone to enjoy while sipping on a glass of their favorite beverage.

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Artists of the month: Jimmy Gersen

For the months of May and June, we’re proud to present: Ladies night out, an afternoon with Jimmy Gersen
If the weather cooperates you will see Jimmy paint outside on a canvas that will then hang inside.
Check out this timelapse video to see him in action.

Jimmy grew up in Vancouver, Wa. After graduating from high school, he moved to Seattle and attended the University of Washington, where he graduated from the university's School of Art. He found passion in performing live, creating art in a short period of time while being inspired by his audience and surroundings. Jimmy uses acrylic, and interior latex paints to create beautiful works of art in a matter of minutes on large canvases, using his hands as the brush.

Jimmy's art can be found hanging in various galleries, restaurants, coffee shops, and commercial buildings in and around Seattle. He stretches his abilities, going against the norm, creating smaller pieces that all can enjoy in any size space. Jimmy's true passion derives from the creative interaction with those that inspire him as he works.
Jimmy has traveled the world performing with live music acts, as well as, locally. He worked as a street artist during the summer at galleries and street fairs. Performing for a dear friend's birthday party on a collaborative piece, many fundraisers and private events, Jimmy finds his studio space becomes wherever he is hosted.

Jimmy's style has evolved but stays constant in his Picasso-esque nature.
Graffiti style art representing ladies on the town. Jimmy’s art takes you back to a time period reminiscent of Picasso, with a very modern twist. “Ladies Night Out” shows his view of ladies enjoying their evening with their girlfriends. Fun and exotic, the pieces lets your mind wander into their conversation and evening.

If you are interested in displaying your art, send an email to info@caffetorinoseattle.com, send a few samples of your work/portfolio and we'll get back to you.

Learn Italian at Caffe Torino

Want to learn Italian? We're partnering up with Percorso Italiano a local private school run by the amazing Roberta Torgerson and Elisabetta Valentini:
If interested, email info@percorsoitaliano.com or stop by the store to fill out a short survey for the instructors.

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