A Few Words About Us and our history

At Caffè Torino, we want you to feel the warmth and taste the flavors of this beautiful Northern Italian city. Torino is much more than FIAT, the Holy Shroud and the 2006 Winter Olympics.
The spirit of this region with its complex history and traditions is what we have captured, in our own way, at Caffè Torino. So come on by and get a little taste.

Current events

Arte & Vino at Caffe Torino

In January 2013 we started a new series of Art and Wine here in South Lake Union, featuring pieces from local artists at the cafe for everyone to enjoy while sipping on a glass of their favorite beverage.

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Artist of the month

Our August show will once again coincide with the South Lake Union Art Walk, which is bigger and better than the May one! Over 30 venues, a storefronts guided tour, and a beautified chain link fence put together with the help of many local non-profits and volunteers. You will not want to miss this one!
For the month of July and August we'll be featuring two amazing local artists:

Presenting "Assemblages", Yvette Endrijautzki, a Wuppertal (Germany) native has been an active artist in the seattle area since 2009, when she created "The Nautilus Studio" in the culturally bourgeoning Georgetown neighborhood.
In addition to displaying Endrijautzki's own works, the gallery provided a unique forum for showcasing emerging and established artists. The gallery was featured in a design magazine (Houzz) in 2012, and won an award for the resourcefully sophisticated interior design, which was designed and executed by Endrijautzki.
Throughout the last 8 years, sculptural space has been Yvette’s focus, and her use of recycled materials, found objects and broken artifacts, has challenged her to create something unique and unprecedented. Always on the hunt for new techniques, new objects and new materials, the creative process is not a regarded as choice, but rather the Raison d'être for the artist, where she can lose and find herself. An artist book of her recent works is in the making and will be self published in 2015. Yvette has recently been featured in a Catapult magazine and a feature as a visionary artist in the NW famous Miroir Magazine is up and coming. For the first time she will also be exhibiting her work in St. Louis at Alexi Era Gallery and at Last Rites Gallery in New York this fall. Come and admire her work, it's truly unique and amazingly detailed!

The second featured artist is Andrew Heumann: Andrew works with data, algorithms, geometry, and pixels to create rich visual abstractions. His compositions explore light, color, and abstract meaning through a range of digital media. The work challenges the limitations of digital creative processes, seeking to exceed the tendency for computer-generated imagery to be slick, clean, perfect, predictable, precise, and specific, by introducing mess, looseness, randomness, imperfection, and ambiguity.

Left: Andrew Heumann "Abstraction II" - Right: Yvette Endrijautzki "Detail"

If you are interested in displaying your art, send an email to info@caffetorinoseattle.com, send a few samples of your work/portfolio and we'll get back to you.

Learn Italian at Caffe Torino

Want to learn Italian? We're partnering up with Percorso Italiano a local private school run by the amazing Roberta Torgerson and Elisabetta Valentini:
If interested, email info@percorsoitaliano.com or stop by the store to fill out a short survey for the instructors.

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    Arte & Vino: 9/5/14

    New Art Show! Arte & Vino @ Caffe Torino: 5 to 8 pm, come check it out!

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